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Baby Shower Cake Decorations

Baby Shower Cake Decorations

A friend of mine is hosting a baby shower for a friend of ours, who is due in early July.  She is expecting her second daughter.  I agreed to make the decorations for the cake.  Here are some photos of what I made.

baby 6 Baby 1 baby 2 baby 3 baby 4 baby 5

To make the decorations, I started with a large block of fondant.  I first made it into the rough shape of a bassinet.  Then I used wax carving tools to hollow out the hood of…

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New Raised Beds

We’ve taken the time this year to install several new raised beds in out garden.  Here’s a photo of the first two.

New raised beds


These beds will make it easier to tend and harvest the plants, since we won’t have to bend over as far.  It will also allow my good friend, Janine, to work the beds from a seated position.  They will also allow us to till or mow between the beds, which will help control the…

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