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Wind blowing clouds this way

in the distance rumbles sound

rain starts hitting the windows

beyond the mountain lightning flashes

long before thunder rumbles

rain increases with sudden force

wind slams it harder than it falls

clouds move closer bringing the storm

A flash of lightning crashes down close

Boom! and the lights go out

sparks fly out of the gas stovetop

the house shakes as children…

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Glowing coals

crackling fire

flames lick at logs

warmth radiates

chairs in a circle

friends talking

drums waiting

guitar notes float

on nighttime air

smell of oak and pine

mix with honeysuckle

pass the wine and mead

chants and songs

add more wood

the night is young

the bonfire’s good

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Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods

Dry leaves crunch under my feet

as I walk the path to the cabin and creek.

A gentle breeze moves the leaves

making the trees wave gentle rustles.

Two squirrels play together

before making bushy tailed babies.

A deer dips her head to the creek

a spotted baby by her side.

Dappled sun shines through the trees

warming spots on the ground.

The cabin stands peaceful and quiet

inviting me to retreat and…

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Greenhouse and Extreme Temperature Changes

Greenhouse and Extreme Temperature Changes

My greenhouse is unheated.  It has five windows on the South side.  The doors have sliding glass, and there’s a ventilation fan.  This might seem to be a problem, especially when the temperature changes that way it did today.  When I awoke, it was about 60 degrees F.  As the day progressed, the temperature dropped dramatically.  It is now approaching 30 degrees F.  Am I worried about the plants…

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Witch Hearts by Liz Long

Witch Hearts by Liz Long

Witch Hearts

by Liz C. Long

Independently Published, 2013

ISBN: 1482782324

Courtney, a witch, carried protection potions with her at all times. This did not help her when a very powerful, black witch kidnaps and murders her. The ritual that killed her involved removing her heart. She was not the first witch to die in this way. Two others before her were killed in the same manner.


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